Where Can I Donate A Kayak? 10 Organizations To Consider

Looking to make a positive impact with your unused kayak? Donating your kayak to a worthy cause can be a fantastic way to give back and support various initiatives while ensuring your kayak gets a new lease on life. But you might be wondering, “Where can I donate a kayak?” Fortunately, there are numerous ethical organizations that gladly accept kayak donations. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you about ten of these organizations. They are committed to using your donated kayak for meaningful purposes. Whether you’re getting a new kayak or just want to clear some space in your garage, donating your kayak is a fantastic way to make a positive impact. We’ll give you information on how to contact these organizations.

By donating your kayak instead of selling or throwing it away, you’re helping someone else enjoy adventures and happiness with it. Plus, you’re also doing something good for the environment. 

So, let’s find out more about these organizations and how your kayak can make a difference in the lives of others.

Where can i donate a kayak

Top 10 Ethical Organizations Accepting Kayak Donations

If you want to know where you can give away your kayak, there are good groups that would be happy to take it. When you donate your kayak to these groups, you help with things like helping kids grow, protecting the environment, and teaching about the outdoors.

Let’s explore some of these ethical organizations and the programs they offer.

#1. Outdoor Outreach

Outdoor Outreach is a nonprofit organization that aims to connect underserved youth with the outdoors. They often accept outdoor gear donations, including kayaks. When you give your kayak to Outdoor Outreach, you’re making it possible for young people to enjoy kayaking and learn more about nature. It’s a way to help them have fun and love the outdoors.

#2. Boys & Girls Clubs of America

A bunch of Boys & Girls Clubs in your area take donations of outdoor gear to help their programs for kids. If you give your kayak to a Boys & Girls Club, you’re helping provide outdoor fun for kids who might not get to do it otherwise.

#3. Big Brothers Big Sisters

Certain Big Brothers Big Sisters groups might take donated kayaks. They use these kayaks for their mentorship programs. The donated kayak can be used by both mentors and their mentees as they build a bond and explore the outdoors together.

#4. YMCA

Many YMCA locations have outdoor and adventure programs for both youth and adults. These programs often rely on donated equipment, including kayaks. When you give your kayak to the YMCA, you’re helping people of all ages try out kayaking. They get to have fun, be active, and explore the outdoors.

#5. Local Community Centers

Check with your local community centers, especially those offering outdoor and recreational programs. They might be happy to get your kayak as they want to offer fun things for people in the community. Your donated kayak can really help others have cool water adventures.

#6. Scouting Organizations

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts often teach kayaking in their outdoor programs. If you give your kayak to one of these groups, you’re helping young people learn about the outdoors and grow to love nature.

#7. Universities and Colleges

Some educational institutions use kayaks for research, recreation, and outdoor programs. Contact the outdoor or physical education departments of universities and colleges near you to inquire about their kayak donation policies. Your donated kayak could be utilized by students and faculty members alike in various educational endeavors.

#8. Therapeutic Outdoor Programs

Organizations like First Descents provide outdoor adventures for young adults with cancer. These programs often rely on donated equipment, including kayaks. If you give your kayak to a program that helps people with health issues enjoy the outdoors, you’ll be helping them feel better through the magic of nature.

#9. Veterans’ Support Groups

There are groups that help veterans, like Team River Runner, by using kayaking to make them feel better and stronger. If you give your kayak to one of these groups, you’ll be helping veterans find peace and get stronger by doing water activities.

#10. Local Environmental Conservation Groups

Some groups that care about the environment use kayaks to clean up waterways or teach people about taking care of nature. If you give your kayak to a local conservation group, you can help protect the environment and teach others why it’s important.

When you give your kayak to one of these good organizations, you can be sure they’ll use it in a positive way to help people and communities. Whether they use it to help young people grow or to protect the environment, your donation will make a big difference in people’s lives and help them love nature.

Donating Your Kayak for a Good Cause

Giving your kayak to veterans who served in the military can truly help them. It supports their physical and mental health by letting them enjoy kayaking. If you learn how kayaking helps veterans and find groups that let them kayak, you’ll be doing a good thing and giving your kayak a new job.

Another responsible option is to donate your unwanted kayak for reuse. You might find groups or people in your area who would love to have a kayak but need help to buy one. You can ask local kayaking clubs, programs for young people, or places for fun activities if they’d like to get your kayak as a gift.


  • Supports a good cause by providing someone else with a recreational opportunity
  • Helps reduce waste by extending the lifespan of the kayak
  • It may qualify as a tax-deductible donation (check with local regulations)


  • Finding the right recipient may take some effort and research
  • The kayak should be in usable condition for donation

Sell or Trade-In Your Kayak

If your kayak is still in good condition, you might consider selling it or trading it in. Websites like classified ads and social media markets can help you find people who want to buy your kayak. Some stores that sell outdoor stuff let you trade in your old kayak to get credit for a new one.


  • Recoup some of the initial investment
  • Provide someone else with an affordable option for kayaking
  • Upgrade to a newer model by trading in your old kayak


  • Selling or trading requires time and effort for listing and negotiations.
  • Availability of interested buyers may vary based on location.

How Paddling Sports Benefit Veterans Physically and Mentally

Paddling sports, such as kayaking, offer numerous benefits to veterans, both physically and mentally. Here’s how:

  1. Physical Fitness: Kayaking is a great water sport that works many muscles and makes you stronger, last longer, and more flexible.
  2. Stress Relief: Being out on the water helps reduce stress levels by providing a calming and peaceful environment.
  3. Mental Well-being: When you paddle in a rhythm, it helps you relax and be more mindful. This can make your mind clearer and help you focus better.
  4. Sense of Achievement: Learning how to kayak well makes veterans feel proud of themselves and makes them more confident.

How Donating Your Kayak Contributes to Supporting Veterans’ Well-being

When you give your kayak, it becomes an important tool for groups that help veterans with kayaking. These groups need donations like yours to give gear for their programs. When you donate your kayak, you’re helping veterans take part in these activities, which is good for their well-being.

Organizations That Provide Kayaking Opportunities for Veterans

Several charitable organizations specialize in providing kayaking opportunities for veterans. These organizations utilize donated kayaks to create meaningful experiences for those who have served their country. Some notable organizations include:

  • Team River Runner: This group has special kayaking programs for veterans who are hurt or have disabilities.
  • Heroes on the Water: Heroes on the Water offers special kayak fishing trips to help veterans who have physical injuries or mental health issues. It’s a way for them to feel better and cope with their challenges.
  • Warrior Expeditions: This group arranges outdoor adventures, like long kayak trips, to assist veterans as they return to civilian life.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Veterans by Donating Your Kayak

When you give your kayak to these special programs, you can make a real difference in veterans’ lives. You’ll give them unique chances to grow and heal.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  1. Reach Out: Get in touch with the organizations we talked about or others like them in your area to ask how you can give them your kayak.
  2. Schedule Pickup: If they agree to take your kayak, figure out a place to meet up or drop it off that works for both of you.
  3. Spread the Word: Share your experience on social media or with friends and family to encourage others to donate their kayaks as well.

Remember, when you donate a kayak, you’re giving veterans a chance to have new experiences and enjoy themselves. Your donation can help their physical and mental health and let them have fun with paddling sports.

Responsible Kayak Removal and Disposal Options

When you own a kayak, it’s important to think about how to get rid of it properly. Whether you’re getting a new kayak or just need to get rid of your old one, it’s really important to do it in an eco-friendly way.

Doing this not only keeps our environment safe but also makes sure kayaks are thrown away in a good and careful way.

Let’s explore various options for removing and disposing of kayaks in a responsible manner.

Explore Environmentally-Friendly Disposal Methods

So, you’ve got an unwanted kayak taking up space in your backyard or garage. It’s time to find a responsible way to get rid of it. Before you take it to the closest landfill, let’s check out some eco-friendly ways to get rid of your old or broken kayak.

Local Recycling Centers and Waste Management Facilities

You can see if there are places nearby that recycle or manage waste and if they accept kayaks for proper disposal. These places usually have special spots where you can leave things like kayaks and big stuff you don’t need.


  • Environmentally friendly option
  • Supports recycling efforts
  • Keeps the kayak out of landfills


  • Limited availability depending on location
  • It may require transportation to the facility

Remember, when you dispose of your kayak responsibly, you’re helping the environment and reducing landfill waste. You can do this by using things like recycling centers, getting help from junk removal services, donating your kayak, or selling/trading it. This way, your old kayak can find a new use instead of just getting dumped in a landfill.

Recycling Your Kayak: Environmentally-Friendly Disposal Methods

When it comes time to dispose of your old kayak, it’s important to do so in an environmentally friendly way. When you recycle your kayak, it doesn’t just cut down on waste and save resources; it also makes sure the materials are handled well and used again. Let’s check out some eco-friendly ways to get rid of your kayak so you can be proud of reducing your impact on the Earth.

How kayaks can be recycled into new products

Do you have an old kayak that you no longer use? Instead of letting it gather dust in your garage or end up in a landfill, consider recycling it! Recycling your kayak is not only environmentally friendly but also contributes to the circular economy. But how exactly can kayaks be recycled?

Some recycling places specialize in handling different types of kayaks, like fiberglass, plastic, or composite ones. These places know how to take the kayaks apart and turn them into new things. For instance, they can shred fiberglass kayaks and use them for building materials or melt down plastic kayaks to make new plastic stuff.

Recycling your kayak helps conserve resources by reducing the need for virgin materials. When you recycle your old kayak, you help use materials and energy in a smart and eco-friendly way. It’s like a double win – you responsibly get rid of your old kayak and also help protect the environment.

Recycling facilities for kayaks

Now that you understand why recycling your kayak is a good idea, the next thing to do is find a recycling place close to you that knows how to deal with kayaks. These places have the right tools and know-how to take apart different parts of kayaks.

To find these places, begin by getting in touch with local waste management folks or groups that care about the environment. They might know about recycling centers that take things like kayaks. You can also look on the internet in directories or websites that focus on recycling services in your area.

When you contact these places, be sure to ask what they need from you when you bring your kayak. They might want you to do things like take off any extra stuff on the kayak or make it really clean. If you do what they ask, it makes the recycling process easier and increases the chance your kayak will be recycled right.

How recycled kayaks reduce environmental impact and conserve resources  

Recycling your kayak is not just about getting rid of it – it’s about making a positive impact on the environment. When kayaks are thrown in landfills, they add to the garbage pile and use up important space. Some kayak materials, like fiberglass or plastic, can take hundreds of years to break down.

When you recycle your kayak instead of throwing it away, you keep it out of the landfill and protect nature. Recycling means we don’t need to make as many new things, which saves important stuff like oil and minerals. It also helps us use less energy and create less pollution when we make new things from scratch.

So, instead of letting your old kayak become another piece of waste, consider giving it a second life through recycling. You’ll be doing your part in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

Learn More

Can I get a tax deduction for donating my kayak?

Yes, in most cases, you can claim a tax deduction for your donated kayak. However, it’s important to consult with a tax professional or refer to IRS guidelines specific to charitable contributions in order to determine eligibility and how much you can deduct.

Do I need proof of ownership when donating my kayak?

While requirements may vary depending on the organization, it’s generally advisable to provide proof of ownership when donating your kayak. This can include documents such as purchase receipts or registration papers.

Can I donate a damaged or old kayak?

Yes! Many organizations accept damaged or old kayaks as long as they are still usable or repairable. Even if your kayak is beyond repair, some organizations may be able to recycle its materials responsibly.

How do I prepare my kayak for donation?

Before donating your kayak, clean it thoroughly and remove any personal belongings. Check with the organization for specific instructions on preparing your donation.

Final Words

To sum up, finding the best option to donate your kayak requires research, vetting, and consideration of the potential impact your donation can have. Whether it’s a local nonprofit organization, a school, or an online platform, make sure your kayak finds a deserving recipient who will appreciate and benefit from it.

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